Thursday, November 19, 2009

A peep into my Science Week

Our Moon in False color by a four year old
from Rathfarnham Educate Together Junior School.
A lot of color and energy in small children's work, they get on with the drawings and are delighted to produce something. Most children taking part in my workshops were between 8 and 12 years old.

November 9th to November 15th was Science Week 2009.
I offered my drawing workshops and talks. Hundreds of children
took part in my drawing events in various venues
mostly libraries, in Dublin City ,Dunsink Observatory, Monaghan , Drogheda ,Bunclody, New Ross,Malahide, Ballyfermot, Rathfarnham ,Blanchardstown,Oldcastle and Navan.

Here are just a few exceptional drawings that I would like
to share with you. They are wonderful for several reasons
either the child was very young or was particularly interested
and produced a great piece on the day.
In both workshops Deadly Moons or Rapid Rockets & Wicked Robots
the children only have half an hour for the drawing section.

Apollo 11 Splashdown
by an 8 yr old
in Malahide Library
during Science Week

All drawings in pastel
on black paper.
We share drawing methods
fun and learning together.

We shared our colors
We share our ideas
We share paper
We share our knowledge

A lot of children under 12
knew Neil Armstrong was
the first man on the moon.

A few knew Buzz Aldrin
and two children named
Michael Collins , amazing !!!

We talk about Apollo
We talk about LCROSS
We talk about ice on the moon.
We talk about future moon bases and vehicles.
We talk about viewing Jupiter
We talk about The European Space Agency
We talk about Our Sun , Our Moon , Our Solar System
We talk about Our beautiful Earth

A young child draws the Huygens Probe landing on Saturn's moon Titan at a session in Drogheda Library.I was really impressed by the attention to detail some children gave in the short time frame available.

Most children had never heard
of Cassini or Huygens.

Most children were not aware
that there are robots on Mars.

It is important to share space exploration
as it is happening .

One or two children knew about LCROSS
Most children knew about Galileo
but most had never heard of International Year of Astronomy 2009 . They have now.

Mars Science Laboratory
Curiosity by an 8 year old in Malahide Library You can join these little Irish space artists and send your name to Mars on Curiosity here

Everyone who attended my talks or workshops were invited to send their names to Mars.

The New Lunar Exploration Rover
by a child in Navan Library
Here is the link to the Constellation Program back to the Moon

NASA has developed a rover to explore the Moon and Mars eventually.
Watch and be in TOTAL AWE

You can catch up on all
Science Week events here