Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hi everyone , now the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies have kindly set up a talk and a workshop in Dunsink for your pleasure.
Myself and the IAS would like to invite all IFAS club reps and members to come along to Dunsink Observatory on Saturday February 28th.

Dunsink Observatory is a great venue, with a bright future.
Come along and see what it is like, come along and we can all
have a talk about how amateur astronomy clubs in this country
can perhaps get involved with Dunsink.
4pm till late o clock

Bring your laptops
Bring your telescopes if you like.
Bring your cameras
Let me know it you intend to come along
The talk will be given by a DIAS scientist and will be on
the subjects of radio and optical astronomy.

The workshop will be on a new scientific database on the
Jetset Project.

JETSET is a four-year Marie Curie Research Training Network (RTN) designed to build a vibrant interdisciplinary European Research and Training community centered on rigorous and novel approaches to plasma jet studies, with a focus on flows produced during star formation.

A bit to eat , a cup of tea, and with a bit of luck a spot
of observing will end the afternoon/evening session.

Give me some idea of how many will come along to this ,thanks

March Speaker please note the date March 9th

Click on poster to see it bigger
Next speaker is John Flannery on March 9th
Binary Stars Double the Fun

Here are a few pics from Professor Mike Redfern and Dave McDonalds talks in Dunsink on Monday 16th Feb
Once again our thanks goes to Hilary O'Donnell for her support on the night, and to to DIAS for making such a great venue available to the Irish Astronomical Society.

Professor Mike Redfern as Galileo checks out the South Telescope

Dave McDonald Mike Redfern and Deirdre Kelleghan
in the Dome at Dunsink

Booklet available in Dublin City Libraries on our public events in March, April and May which are in conjunction with Dublin City Libraries and Dunsink Observatory

Other interesting events around the place.
Darwin 200

Climate change, plant extinction and evolution:

Location: LTEE3, Hamilton Building, Trinity College
Date: 26th February 2009 4pm

Fossil plant groups have waxed and waned over geological time since their first tentative steps onto land over 450 million years ago. This talk will place the composition of current world vegetation into a 'deep time' perspective by illustrating the macroevolotionary and macroecological patterns of different plant groups over the last 450 million years. more...

Darwin Exhibition Opens at UCC Library

(Exhibition of specimens collected by Charles Darwin)
Location: UCC library
Audience: General public
Date: Opening February 12th 2009
Contact: Siobhan Bowman 021 4902282; e-mail
A special exhibtion opened on Feb 12th highlighting Cork's connections to the man credited with devloping and explaining the theory of evolution by natural selection.
The exhibit includes species colected by Darwin in Maldonado, Patagonia, In South America during the HMS Beagle voyage ( 1831 -1836). Also on display will be a first edition of Darwin's 'On the Origin of Species', part of the UCC library's Special Collection.
Darwin's Study
Location: National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin
Audience: General Public
Date: Opening 12th February 2009 Weekdays 9am - 5pm
Contact: Natinal Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin 9. Phone: +353 (0)1 804 0319.
The exhibition "Darwin's Study" is now open, on weekdays 9-5 in the herbarium, see:
This small exhibition will be expanded soon, adding some new pages showing other facets of Darwin's life.

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