Sunday, July 12, 2009

At Deirdre 's talk Astronomy and other COOL STUFF in Pembrook Library in Dublin July 8th
Astronomy and other COOL STUFF is a fun talk for 8yr olds + part of Dublin City Libraries Summer events. Please contact the libraries directly if you wish to come , all welcome , its free.

Still to come this month
Deadly Moons - Astronomy Art Workshop Wexford Town Library 11am July 14th
Phone +353 53 9121637

Rapid Rockets and Wicked Robots - Astronomy Art Workshop Donaghmede Library 11am
Telephone: +353 1 8482833 July 15th

Astronomy and other COOL STUFF
Finglas Library on July 16th at 11 am
Telephone: +353 1 8344906

Active Region 1024 July 6th 09:15 UT PST 40 8mm TVP eyepiece. Pastels and Staedtler Ergosoft Pencils on black paper. Seeing - Wilson Scale 3 Some very fine detail visible , the AR was not as busy as the 4th of July. The flares were less active. I just managed this one sketch before the clouds rolled in again. The AR fibrils stood out very clearly from time to time , the plage was much less vibrant than July 4th. The mottling held well defined patterns over large areas. One of the sunspots appeared larger than previous and the penumbra was visible without going up and down the bandwidth of the scope. I sketched in the spots alone first then tuned the scope to pick out the other details visible in the h alpha. That day I decided to use pencil over pastel to try to achieve as exact a sketch as I could. My drawing covers approx 100,000
square miles of the solar disc.

The link to this sketch made the front page
of Spaceweather on July 6th

There are some lectures left at TARA in July
Contact them directly,click into the image to see it larger.

That's all for now - Enjoy Jane Houston Jones What's Up for July below here

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