Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Proms in Scarlet and Sunshine Yellow

PST 40 mm/8mm TVP eyepiece
Sketch 1 = 12:50 UT 11/04/09

Sketch 2 = 16:30 UT 11/04/09

Sketch 3 = 17:00 UT 11/04/09

Easter Saturday, a text from a friend snaps me out
of my miserable cold and entices me to look at
prominences on the solar limb. An active busy prom on the NW limb about 350 degrees PA ,
was accompanied by a spike like ribbon of plasma.What to use ? ink? pastel? pencil ? what suits my mood.?
Relax your sick an inner voice said, go the easy route have some fun.

Gorgeous Windsor and Newton inks in their individual packages always makes me smile.
Sunshine Yellow , with the Summer Sunburst dolly girl , yep cool plasma in a jar.

My new teeny tiny watercolor brushes, a mother's day gift.

I only managed three sketches in between large dawdling clouds.
Occasionally fast moving grey cumulus spilled into my h alpha view like squid ink
bursting, obscuring , the billions of tons of material in my target.

A relaxing slow afternoon , following the sun around my garden, with Miss Sunshine Yellow on a tiny brush.

Easter Sunday

The interesting prom dance continues , Sunshine Yellow to begin but I am itching to try new watercolors and the tiniest brush on the planet. Looking at my box of full pans, Scarlet seems the closest block to h alpha realism.

Sketch 4 = 14:20 UT 12/04/09



Oh the joy of tiny action, tiny brush strokes, tiny imperceptible movement. Time lapsed drawings capturing monumental energy, flinging itself thousands of miles into space. Leaping energy anchored to our star by its massive gravity.

I decide on alternate ink and watercolor sketches as an experiment , why not.



I shield my eyes from the sunlight in order to see these features erupting outward from our star. My cat helps herself to a drink of scarlet tinted water , she likes to get involved.

17:00 UT my Mimosa tree is getting in the way of my prom. I have to move my whole shebang left twenty feet and backwards to catch the falling disc.

Time to throw dinner in the oven.


Watercolor tends to dry quickly in the sun, ink stays wet on the brush for longer. Both ink and watercolor work well for prominences, shade works , helps evaporation. The suns heat crystallises the ink on the rim of the bottle.

17:45 UT Tiny leafs swaying in the breeze block ginormous proms. I follow sun beams between trees to watch the distant show.


My tiny 5/0 brush barely exists , just a few strands.

17:55 UT My little block of scarlet sits neatly on my tripod head.
My oven is beeping , time to do the veg.

After finishing the set , I get the urge to super size the last two sketches , one ink, one watercolor.
I watch skinny twigs thirty feet away obscuring my view. They move like window wipers , my prom flickers. Another move backwards a quick view , two quick final sketches.

17:05 UT

Best to rescue the dinner now. Stuffed chicken , roast honey glazed ham, roast potatoes , york cabbage and carrots. Eaglehawk Cabernet Sauvignon and Ortas Rasteau Cote De Rhone. Chocolate

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