Monday, April 6, 2009

One Hundred Hours of Astronomy in a nutshell

Many families enjoyed a good look at the night sky with members of The IAS and SDAS in Glendalough.

When you go down to the woods these days
you sure get a BIG surprise!!!

Saturn and our lovely Moon in Glendalough in International Year of Astronomy :-)

April 4th 2009 210 people attended this free public star party in Wicklow Mountains National Park.
The Irish Astronomical Society ran this event as part of 100 Hours of Astronomy, a cornerstone project for International Year of Astro
nomy 2009.
As well as being for 100 Hours it was also a Saturn Observation Campaign event. Cassini bookmarks and Saturn moon cards were given to all attending.
This event was part of 20 events in Ireland the majority of which were under the Irish Federation of Astronomical Societies umbrella.
Our lovely moon and Saturn were the main targets, but many constellations were shown to the eager families who formed long queues at each of the eight telescopes. Many thanks to Michael Murphy, Val Dunne, David Branigan, Keith Deveney, James Kelly,Philip Lardner and Paul from The Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies who shared the wonderful sky with great energy and enthusiasm.
Thanks also to Wicklow Mountains National Park, Ian Edwards, John Kinsella and the park staff for being so attentive.

Other IAS events for 100 Hours

E learning in the bus provided by Dublin City Libraries Thursday April 2nd in Bluebell Dublin.

Teacher Rosin O'Shea is delighted to get Cassini information on the e learning bus. April 2nd

The bus driver gets a look at a lovely prom on the SW limb of the sun.
20 Children and their teachers get to look at the solar disc and prom

Dublin City Libraries e learning bus
outside Our Lady of the Wayside NS
in Bluebell on a blue day in Dublin April 2nd

Deirdre heads to the Central Library in the ILAC center to do a talk on Galileo April 2nd 6pm

e learning with astronomy software April 3rd Sandymount Dublin.

Denis from DIAS checks out Michael O'Connells meteorite collection at Dunsink Observatory on April 2nd

Observing with in the dome
Dunsink Observatory April 2nd

Michael O' Connell from MAC
gives a great public talk
on Meteorites

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